Working Papers

  1. What makes voters turn out: the effects of polls and beliefs
  2. Strategic Learning With Finite Automata Via The EWA-Lite Model
  3. The Effect of Hysteresis on Equilibrium Selection in Coordination Games
  4. Finite Automata in Undiscounted Repeated Games with Private Monitoring
  5. Getting Out the (Costly) Vote: Institutional Design for Greater Participation (with Dino Gerardi, Margaret A. Mcconnell, Leeat Yariv)
  6. Computational Testbeds for Coordination Games (with Noah Myung) Download pdficon
  7. Dynamics of the Second Price (with Eric Bax) Download pdficon


  1. Comparing Predicted Prices (with Eric Bax, Anand Kuratti, and Preston McAfee) Internationl Journal of Industrial Organization, In Press, 2011