MobLab Information

General Information

MobLab is an application that allows us to run in class experiments and surveys easily.

Register with MobLab

Go to, click 'Sign Up' to sign-up for a Student Account. You can also download the MobLab iOS or Android app and create your student account through the app.

IMPORTANT: To facilitate recordkeeping, I ask that you use your university email address.

Join the Class

Using your browser (you cannot join our class through the app), access the Student Console. Choose Join a Class and enter our Class Code:

ECON 361 Fall 2017 Class Code: gxyahjlu

In the resulting popup, you will be prompted for the $10 student fee (this is a special rate because several classes at University of Arizona are using it) which is payable by credit card. If you purchased a textbook access code from the bookstore, you can redeem it here. Once your payment or access code is processed, you should have confirmation that you have joined our class.

What do I need to participate?

To participate in MobLab games you need an internet-connected device. Laptop users can use any browser. I strongly recommend that iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android users use the MobLab app downloadable from the device's app store. Trust me, the app is so much better for playing on handheld devices!

Playing games

When instructed, access the Student Console in your browser or open the app on your iOS or Android device. You will see your class's session if your instructor has already started it. If not, wait for the session to start. You may need to click the refresh button or to refresh the app, simply pull down on your device's screen. Once the session is visible, click Join (web browser) or the session name (Android/iOS app).

Have Questions?

If you have any questions or run into any issues, please email