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Course Announcements

- Homework #7 Solutions Posted

The solutions for homework #7 have been posted. They are available on the homework page (need to be logged in to access).

- Slides for Chapter 14 posted.

The slides for Chapter 14 which cover Game Theory and Strategic Behavior have been posted and are available on the slides page.

- Recitation location

The recitation will be in Harvill 102 for the remainder of the semester. It will still take place on Monday from 5-6:30PM. Please make sure to go today if you have any last minute questions about Homework #7.

- Homework #7 problem 6.

You do not need to do Homework #7 problem #6 as we have not covered that in class yet.

- Review for Chapter 13 posted.

I have posted a review for chapter 13. It can be found on the slides page. You must be logged in to see this.

- Homework #7 has been posted

The seventh homework assignment has been posted and is available on the homework page. It covers chapter 13 and will be due before the start of class on Tuesday November 21st. Remember, the homework needs to be turned in on the course website in pdf format by clicking the link on the homework page.
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