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Course Announcements

- Final grades have been posted

They are available on the grades page. Have a good break!

- Reminder: Moblab End of Year Survey

If you haven't gotten a chance to do the Moblab end of year survey, please take a few minutes to do that before the exam.

- Final Exam Reminders

The exam will take place at 8AM on Tuesday 12/12 in BIOE 100. Here are several reminders:
  • The final exam is cumulative, but will cover the material since Midterm #2 more heavily.
  • The exam will be 2 hours long and will have 4 analytical problems and 30 multiple choice questions.
  • Bring your student ID to the exam. You will not be able to take the exam if you don't have your student ID.
  • No graphing calculators , scientific calculators, smartphones, or notes are permitted. If you want, you are allowed a simple calculator (only with plus/minus/multiply/divide functionality).
  • There will be assigned seats for the exam. Please check the seating assignment on the exams page to see where you will be sitting. Please check this before the exam, so you can go directly to your seat and we can get started promptly.
  • There will be absolutely no makeup exams unless you have an excused absence, so please make sure to make it to class on time for the exam so that you don't put yourself in a difficult position to pass the course.
  • The third and final extra credit is due before the start of the exam at 8AM.
  • The solutions for the practice final have been posted on the exams page.

- Practice Final Solutions Posted

The solutions for the practice final have been posted and are available on the exams page.

- Homework #8 Solutions Posted

The solutions for homework #8 have been posted. They are available on the homework page (need to be logged in to access).

- Correction on Reviews for final exam.

There will be the following review sessions for the final exam. Some will be with me, some will be with the recitation TA, and some will be with one of your classmates who has volunteered to lead two additional review sessions. The times and locations are listed here:
  • Thursday 12/07 9:30-11:00AM - CCP 108 (with Professor Romero)
  • Sunday 12/10 4:00-5:00PM - HARV 305 (with Professor Romero)
  • Sunday 12/10 5:00-6:00PM - HARV 305 (with your classmate)
  • Monday 12/11 5:00-6:30PM - HARV 102 (with Recitation TA)
  • Monday 12/11 6:30-7:30PM - HARV 101 (with your classmate)
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